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System Innovation is the Only Way for Chinese Valves

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System Innovation is the Only Way for Chinese Valves
Latest company news about System Innovation is the Only Way for Chinese Valves

China's valve industry is able to produce a dozen of products, such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle valve, plug valve, reducing valve, diaphragm valve, drain valve, emergency cut-off valve, etc. These valves can be used in the highest temperature of 570℃, the highest pressure of 600MPa, have the biggest diameter of 5350MM. These products have supported the national economic development powerfully, but we should see clearly that they are all low tech or labour intensive products with very few international advanced standard.

system innovation is the only way for Chinese valves
It is sad that all domestic valve enterprises failed the tender of the main pipeline of west-east natural gas transmission project. Recall a painful experience, we should implement technical innovation, adjust product structure and develop valves with high technology and international advanced level to prosper valve industry. For example, the manufacturing of control valve and regulating valve of automatic kind, diverging three way valve, safety valve, the welding of ball valve's metal hard sealing, large diameter valve with high parameter and C12-A alloy steel valve at supercriticalpower stations. There are two ways to carry out technical innovation and new products development. One way is to cooperate with scientific research institutions.

The regulating valve for power boiler main pipe that was developed by Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Factory and SUNWAVE Company of CAS, which has international advanced level. For its pressure drop is far more lower than the international standard, and it has a promising future in power station industry. Another way is to adopt the form of cooperating with abroad or introducing new technologies, which can shorten the gap between our ball valve products and foreign countries'. Besides what i mentioned above, some companies can also have their own research and development if possible.

At present, China's valve industry is in a phase of a new round of alternating and reset, so we need to improve the management level for enterprises, enforce administrative creation, deepen enterprise reform, carry out system innovation.

The proportion of state own enterprises have fallen year by year, individual enterprises and foreign founded enterprises have grown rapidly. It is estimated that individual companies take up 40% of valve industry, 30% for state own, the rest is for foreign founded and military companies. And the shares for individual and foreign will further expand. The individual enterprises in Wenzhou area have grown rapidly, and quite a few of them have a certain scale and strength. At present, state own enterprises have heavy burdens, inflexible system and the problem of difficult to run due to historical reasons. But many companies still have the advantages of equipment, talent, technology, brand. We need to solve the existing difficulty by deepening reform and system innovation, fully liquidizing remnant assets, realizing multiple property rights and building modern enterprise system. For those individual companies which have a fast development, we should focus on the improvement of enterprise management, carry out management innovation, keep from conventional management patterns of "family" and "parent", though they don't have the defect of system and historical burdens. In short, valve industry is full of hope. As long as we stick to the spirit of the 16th CPC National Congress, fully implement three represents theory, valve industry will definitely prosper and contribute to domestic economy construction and achieving the goal of theall-round well-off society.

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