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China Zhejiang JieYu Valve Co., Ltd. certification
China Zhejiang JieYu Valve Co., Ltd. certification
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  • Production Line

    Pictures inside and outside the workshop 


    Zhejiang JieYu Valve Co., Ltd. factory production line 0


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    Zhejiang JieYu Valve Co., Ltd. factory production line 1


    Finished valve painting equipment 


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    Valve inspection equipment


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    Customized request is welcomed.


    1. Develop new mold with your special structure

    2. Develop mold of you company logo casting on valve body

    3. Laser Marking Logo

    4. Aluminum nameplate indicates valve specifications: valve size, material, pressure, maufacture date etc

  • R&D

    China is one of the countries with the largest valve production and market demand in the world, and there are thousands of valve companies in China. However, there are very few manufacturers that have the ability to independently research and develop high-end products. We deeply understand the Independent research and development capabilities of new products and technologies for valves directly affects the competitiveness of the company, according to the company's own situation, we will continue to develop core technical teams, analyze and draw on advanced product structures at home and abroad, and strive to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights!


    1. Establish a humanized product design concept


    With the development of the times, the people-oriented ideas have penetrated into all areas of social life, and every detail must be carefully considered into the user's feelings. Valves are widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense and people's daily life. Based on traditional design concepts and methods, our company takes its essence and develops new ideas and injects new research and development concepts. Give the valve the industrial product with a humanized concept and image.


    2. New materials, new technologies, new processes


    With the advancement of technology, high-speed, high-pressure, high-corrosion, high-wear, highly toxic and other high-parameter complex conditions in industrial production are increasing, therefore, higher and stricter requirements are imposed on the safety of the valve, the reliability of the function and the service life. Our company has targeted experiments on the development of products and materials in a variety of high-parameter conditions. At the same time, the research and development personnel will pay attention to the material science information, and apply new materials, new technologies and new processes to the products in time, so that every product developed by our company can keep up with the development of the times.


    3. Integration of information technology and artificial intelligence technology


    As the terminal actuator for controlling fluid movement in the pipeline, our company combines modern computing technology, sensing technology and intelligent technology with valve products to develop more convenient and intelligent products and realize the real replacement of valve products!


    4. Familiar with the characteristics of complete sets of equipment, develop high-tech special valves


    As an auxiliary equipment in industrial production equipment, valves play an important role in the safe and smooth operation of production.
    Our company analyzes the complete set of equipment in a specific industry before developing new products, so that we can develop new products that are more suitable for specific industries and specific processes.

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