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Localization of High-end Valves is Difficult in China

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Localization of High-end Valves is Difficult in China
Latest company news about Localization of High-end Valves is Difficult in China

A report shows that since 2012, localization of high-end valves has been quite difficult in China. At present, basic parts have already become a bottleneck which limits Chinese valve industry to develop into high-end. The support for basic parts of high-end equipment needs to be enhanced further.

On current Chinese valve market, a large number of categories of valves have been already supplied, such as heating valve, environmental protection valve and construction valves. Although some high-end valve products have already realized localization with the efforts of Chinese enterprises for recent years, some products still need to be imported. Based on data provided by CGMA (China General Machinery Industry Association), pumps having large import volume in China in this year mainly contain hydraulic reciprocating plunger pump, hydraulic reciprocating pump, rotary axial plunger pump, centrifugal pump whose revolving speed below 10,000 r/min, parts of liquid pump and vacuum pump. Valve products mainly include reducing valve, oil pressure transmission valve, air pressure transmission valve, safety valve or overflow valve, valve parts. High-pressure valve still depends on import, which is also the field that Chinese valve industry should break through in the future.

Nowadays, neither Chinese market policy support nor current technical level is advantageous for research and development of high-end valves. In general, with policies that China accelerates promotion of equipment manufacturing are gradually propelled, the development of general basic manufacturing industry will acquire special support further. Valve users such as petroleum, power, metallurgy, chemical engineering and urban construction will grow their demands for valve products. However, import substitution feasibility of valves in every sub-industry in China is different. High-end valve products urgently need more policy guidance and research support.

For this, experts put forward three recommendations:

Firstly, establish up new mechanism which encourages enterprise to innovate independently. According to comprehensive planning of Chinese pump and valve manufacturing and area coverage planning, establish a series of product development lab, testing base and product researching center having regional leading technology. Depend on science institution having stronger innovation capacity to built sites for spreading scientific and technological achievements. Encourage and support to establish technology R & D research center of pump and valve manufacturing.

Secondly, complete technological promoting mechanism. Rationally set up basic manufacturing technology promotional organizations. Gradually set up diversified manufacturing technology promoting mechanism combining coordination and superior service, leaded by national manufacturing technology promoting organization.

In addition, training system also needs to be perfected. Improve protection system of intellectual property. Establish and improve engagement between training function and basic education in universities, R & D institutions and secondary vocational schools. Make full use of power in every institution. Further improve market environment of product innovation.

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