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Chinese Valve Industry Enhancing Investment

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Chinese Valve Industry Enhancing Investment
Latest company news about Chinese Valve Industry Enhancing Investment

Valve is a basic product of economic construction, and the competition on valve market is more and more drastic. Some common valve markets have already been saturated, making small and medium corporation manufacturing common valves develop more and more difficultly. Even the competition on the market of high-end valve products having high technical content is also drastic. On current Chinese valve market, although large numbers of categories of valve used for heat supplying, environmental protection and construction, the high pressure valves still depend on import which is also bottle that Chinese valve industry should break for further development. Only in this way, Chinese valve industry can be promoted to develop and catch up with global high-end valve industry.

During the 12th-Year-Plan, Chinese valve industry were in pursuit of developing high-end products, breaking down the pattern that most of high-end markets were monopolized by foreign manufacturers and joining the competition on global high-end market. If the main basic parts still depend on import, it not only swallows plenty of Chinese valve market profits, but also is disadvantageous for independence of Chinese valve industry. So yield level and product function of basic parts of Chinese valve must follow market demands, improving brand and performance, better promoting Chinese valve manufacturing to enter into high-end market.

Data showed that the volume of business on Chinese valve market was as high as 50 billion dollars last year, which fully showing the scale and momentum of Chinese valve industry. However, under such good situation of industry, some problems is worth concerned, especially most of Chinese valve corporations are still mainly low-level, small scale and family workshop companies, which is a large limitation or bottleneck for Chinese valve industry developing.

At present, Chinese key valve manufacturing enterprises have already could design and manufacturing various kinds of valves based on ISO, DIN, AWWA and other global standards. Products supplied by some manufacturers have reached to world advanced level. The quality is still unsteady though the whole level of Chinese valve industry has been highly improved. In addition, matching performance of Chinese valve is fallen behind than that in developed countries.

For market expanding rapidly, state-owned enterprises are closed or transferred in succession. During the 12th-Five-Year-Plan, localization of high-end parts was intensified further. On current Chinese valve market, except for low pressure valves meeting global market demands, high pressure valves depends on import. Therefore, further improving level and class of Chinese valve products is the priority that Chinese valve industry breaks through.

Experts introduce that with recombination in valve industry constantly accelerating, the future competition of valve manufactures will be quality security and brand. Products will be developed into high performance, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance and long service life. Joining global competition, further enhancing development and investment for high-end valve products will be the priorities for all of Chinese valve manufacturing companies.

Although every Chinese valve manufacturing corporations are gradually enhancing research and development, they have poor competitiveness due to backward product performance. Supplied valve categories can only meet 70% of market demands. They are lack of low pressure large dimension valves. The market competition is always survival of the fittest.

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