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The Reform of Heat Supply—regulate and control Valves Meet Business Opportunities

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The Reform of Heat Supply—regulate and control Valves Meet Business Opportunities
Latest company news about The Reform of Heat Supply—regulate and control Valves Meet Business Opportunities

A small valve on the radiator can automatically keep the most comfortable temperature in your room all the time in winter. When the outdoor temperature rises one day, the boiler room can automatically adjust extracting water temperature to prevent unnecessary waste of thermal energy. Some residents won't feel too hot to open windows, while the temperature of other rooms are not high enough, even if they are in the different building of the same community.

Radiator thermostatic valve keeps indoor temperature constantly.

Radiator thermostatic valve is a kind of valve that was installed in the front of radiator, it consists of thermal bulb and valve body. Thermal bulb is temperature control element. There is temperature sensing medium in the thermal bulb. When the indoor temperature arise, the medium will be swelling, and push the stem away to minimise the opening, so that the radiator hot water supply will be reduced. When the indoor temperature goes down, the medium will shrink, the valve will increase its opening, the radiator hot water supply increase, so the indoor temperature will be constant. This way can not only keep the indoor temperature comfortable but also save energy. The user can also set the temperature based on their needs, thermostatic valve will automatically control and adjust the hot water supply of radiator according to the setting, so that the indoor temperature will constantly be the same as the user' setting. Lots of European practice shows that the use of thermostatic valve can save average 30% energy.

Chinese HVAC and Purification equipment standardization technical committee Secretary General Huang Wei told reporter that the approval procedure for the first industrial standard of Radiator thermostatic valve has finished and soon will be announced and implemented. Hopefully this is going to standardize and promote Chinese thermostatic valve manufacturing industry.

Weather compensator: heat supply source play an important role in dynamic regulation.

Thermostatic valves are installed on the radiator, while weather compensators are in the boiler room or heat exchange station. Weather compensator can adjust the heat output according to the outdoor temperature and the change of heating system return water temperature, so that it can realize heat supply based on the needs. In the city, for its urban heat island effect, the outdoor temperature is often higher than weather forecast temperature. If we can't adjust the heat output on the basis of the indoor and outdoor temperatures in real time, it will definitely cause heat energy waste. In response to this, weather compensator can control outlet water temperature at any time, and make dynamic regulation come true simply and correctly according to return water and outdoor temperatures; most importantly, it can set different indoor temperatures in different period of time based on the users' requirements. For example, for office building, the indoor temperature should be 18℃ at 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, but the other time only needs an antifreezing temperature of 6℃. Weather compensator will automatically adjust the heating outlet on the basis of indoor temperature setting point and outdoor temperature in order to realize temperature regulation.

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