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Future Trend of Butterfly Valve in Tianjin

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Future Trend of Butterfly Valve in Tianjin
Latest company news about Future Trend of Butterfly Valve in Tianjin

Tianjin is the most influential butterfly valve manufacturing base in China or even around the world. Butterfly valve industry is Tianjin has been developed for dozens of years. However, the development of butterfly valve in Tianjin is limited Chinese or global economy, showing its development bottleneck increasingly. How will butterfly valve in Tianjin show its future trend?

At present, hundreds of valve manufacturers are located in Tianjin. Among that, main product of most of corporations is butterfly valve, meaning that butterfly holds up half sky of butterfly valve industry in Tianjin. However, butterfly valve made in Tianjin has amount of strange phenomena, such as single category, uneven quality and price. In general, enterprises develop slowly and have high dependency on domestic market.

Some valve factories in Tianjin are old factories having history of ten or dozens of years. Although having been developed for dozens of years, those factories still in small scale. One of the main reasons is that Tianjin valve factories have high dependency on domestic market. The development of enterprise is limited by Chinese economic development. On the contrary, Wenzhou, the other important valve manufacturing base in China, has high developing rapidity or even the tendency that the later surpasses the former, though valve industry is started much later than Tianjin. Both Tianjin and Wenzhou are coastal city. Geographic position in Tianjin is even more advantageous than Wenzhou. The construction of Tianjin Harbor provides great convenience to export enterprises in Tianjin. But, these advantages are not taken full advantage of by Tianjin valve factories. The priority for Tianjin valve factories is to explore overseas market vigorously, taking full advantage of geographical advantages, industrial advantages and cost advantages.

Single category is followed. Most of butterfly valve products manufactured in Tianjin are soft sealing butterfly valve. The following of soft seal butterfly valve is three-eccentric multi-level hard seal butterfly valve which is highly developed in Wenzhou valve manufacturing bases and widely applied. Tianjin should try efforts to expand categories, strengthening competitive poser of products. Besides butterfly valve having the most advantages, gate valve, globe valve, check valve and other products also should be highly developed. Increase investment and develop new products.

The last is product quality. Use butterfly as an example. The butterfly valve manufactured in Tianjin has both high and low quality. Low-end products have great gap of product price with high-end products. In general, low-end butterfly valve in Tianjin is disadvantageous for enterprises developing in the long term though it has price advantage. On the one hand, it is hard for establishing a good corporate image. On the other hand, with modern economy developing, the market is gradually eliminating those products having poor quality and low price. It prefers to those products having high quality and reasonable price. So, valve factories in Tianjin should transform their thought of development duly, transferring their attentions to product quality.

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